You are an author or publisher

You are an author or publisher


Reprobel does not collect the fees for itself but for the rightholders on whose behalf it acts.


If you are an author or publisher, you are entitled to your share of these fees. An author is the natural person (i.e. not a legal entity such as a company) who created or co-created the copyrighted work (e.g. in the case of a writing team or a comic strip). It may also concern the heirs of a deceased author. The Publishers College of Reprobel uses the following definition of a publisher: “the natural or legal persons who, within the framework of a professional activity and through an organised corporate structure, invest in authors’ works, who prepare and produce these works for publication, who are responsible for their publication, exploitation, marketing and distribution and who may assert specific rights (including remuneration rights) to these works by virtue of the law, a transfer or licence”.


You can claim your remunerations by joining the member collective management organisation of Reprobel that most closely matches your activities as an author or publisher. A list of collective management organisations of authors and publishers can be found here. Collective management organiations not only ensure that you receive the Reprobel remunerations to which you are entitled; they also offer interesting additional services (e.g. legal advice) and in some cases also manage other copyrights for you.


Under legal remuneration schemes and additional licences, you as rightholder, can also receive remunerations individually and directly from Reprobel. In that case, you are a ‘non-affiliated rightholder’. Reprobel’s organic documents regulate in detail how you can do this. In that case, Reprobel does not calculate the remuneration. This is done by one of its member collective management organisations (the “reference collective management organisation”), appointed by the Authors College or the Publishers College of Reprobel. The reference collective management organisation may charge you a management fee for this.


If you would like to receive remunerations from Reprobel as a non-affiliated rightholder, please contact Reprobel through the online contact form.