A complaint about Reprobel?

If you have a complaint concerning the way Reprobel functions or intervenes, there are two ways to submit it:

> Either by post to Reprobel’s head office (Avenue du Port 86C – 201 A, 1000 Brussels)

> Or by e-mail to: licensing@reprobel.be


You can address your complaint to Reprobel’s Managing Director.

Reprobel only deals with complaints sent by post or by e-mail. Reprobel doesn’t answer anonymous complaints.


You can submit a complaint to Reprobel if you have a right to remuneration or if you are paying a remuneration.


If you are legal person, the complaint must be signed by someone who can represent you in law. If necessary, it is also useful to mention a contact person or a case manager.


Your complaint must include your name, your address, your phone number/e-mail address and your personal or company details (such as legal form, company number and VAT number).


Describe your complaint and the underlying facts in detail. It is preferable to directly attach all relevant documents to your complaint. Reprobel can always ask you for additional information or documents. It will only do so if this is necessary to examine the complaint. If you so wish or if Reprobel deems it necessary, you can also request an appointment.


Reprobel will send you confirmation of receipt within five working days following the reception of the complaint. Reprobel will send you this confirmation when you receive an answer to your complaint.


Reprobel usually answers within a month following the submission of your complaint. In exceptional cases, the time it takes to answer may be extended by another month at most. If necessary, Reprobel will tell you why the deadline was extended.


Reprobel will answer your complaint by the same means of communication you used to submit your complaint.


Reprobel guarantees that your complaint will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, and that you will obtain a clear and pertinent answer. We certainly won’t send you packing. While this doesn’t mean Reprobel will always consider your complaint to be well-founded, it will nevertheless process it correctly.


If Reprobel rejects your complaint (or parts of it), it will give you the reason.


You can find the legal provisions on the complaints procedure in Article XI.273/1 CDE.