What we do


All companies, public authorities and educational institutions now have systems in place to distribute the works of authors and publishers internally. Think of a photocopier or a traditional printer, or a smartphone that someone uses to take a photo of an article in order to send it to colleagues. An employee who finds an interesting presentation on the internet and saves it to the company’s intranet is another example of internal distribution of copyright-protected information.


By making a contribution to Reprobel, you can do so without infringing the rights of authors and publishers. Reprobel doesn’t seek to make a profit and distributes all income among their representatives. We are audited by an approved auditor and are supervised by the Federal Ministry of Economy.

Our added value for you

In exchange for your payment, we offer you maximum legal safety and ease of use to copy and distribute copyright-protected information. Furthermore, you ensure that authors and publishers are properly paid in this respect. This allows them to continue to create, inform and invest in their work, including in the current digital world.


In other words, your payment to Reprobel completes the circle and thus helps to stimulate and encourage the continuous progress of the creative sector and the knowledge economy.

How we do it


Your contribution to Reprobel is usually a fixed annual fee per person (relevant worker, pupil, etc.), according to your sector of activity. You can calculate it yourself and pay it by going to our portal and making a simple declaration.


Large companies, public authorities and sectoral trade bodies can make a specific agreement with Reprobel. For more information on the subject, please contact us.