Attention: the legislation with regard to reprography and education has recently been changed. The information on this website pertaining to reprography fees on the Belgian territory only remains valid for photocopies made (operator fee) and for acts of import (equipment levy on reproduction devices) before 1 January 2017. The other information on the website (with regard to, e.g., the company, its financial results and public lending right) remains valid. Reprobel’s public website will be updated as soon as possible in line with the new legislation.


  • We have relocated!
  • At the beginning of November this year, we have left our address at Square de Meeûs and took up new premises in a building situated at Rue du Trône 98, 1050...
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  • In memoriam: Prof. Dr. Roger Blanpain (1932-2016)
  • Les auteurs et les éditeurs belges pleurent le décès du Prof. Dr. Roger Blanpain, ancien président de Reprobel et président du Collège des auteurs de Reprobel....
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    Reprobel is a member of IFRRO, the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations

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