International cooperation

Bilateral agreements

As works by Belgian rightsholders (authors and publishers) are also copied abroad and, vice versa of course, works of foreign rightsholders are being copied in Belgium, Reprobel establishes bilateral agreements with foreign collective management organisations. Sometimes, it includes no money transfer (bilateral agreement type B), but most of the time actual amounts of money are reciprocally paid between the management companies concerned (bilateral agreement type A).

In 2013, Reprobel has concluded bilateral agreements with Polska Kziaska and OSDEL, its Polish and Greek counterparts (type A), and with KORRA, its South-Korean counterpart (type B). In 2014, Reprobel has concluded a bilateral agreement with Kopiosto, its Finnish counterpart. Until today, Reprobel has concluded in total bilateral agreements with 36 foreign collective management organisations for reprography and with 1 foreign collective management organisation for public lending right. Click here for a list of foreign collective management organisations with whom Reprobel has concluded a bilateral agreement.


Reprobel is member of and actively involved in IFRRO (International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations), the international federation of collective management organisations collecting, managing and distributing remunerations for reprography, public lending and digital use of textual and visual works. IFRRO has its head office in Brussels.