Attention: the legislation with regard to reprography and education has recently been changed. The information on this website pertaining to reprography fees on the Belgian territory only remains valid for photocopies made (operator fee) and for acts of import (equipment levy on reproduction devices) before 1 January 2017. The other information on the website (with regard to, e.g., the company, its financial results and public lending right) remains valid. Reprobel’s public website will be updated as soon as possible in line with the new legislation.

Advisory Committee

The government created an Advisory Committee for Reprography. The committee provides recommendations on the terms of certain equipment uses for the equipment levy, on the amounts of the remuneration for reprography, and on the way in which the remuneration is collected or distributed and the monitoring is conducted.

The committee is made up of representatives of the right holders (Reprobel), of the equipment levy payers, of the sellers of photocopy machines and of the operator levy payers.

On 12 November 2001 this committee met for the first time with representatives of the equipment levy and operator levy payers and representatives of the federal, community and regional authorities.